Each day’s interviews are available on demand for a
48-hour period beginning at 10:00 am U.S. Eastern (EST – New York City).

Monday, October 21st

Dr. Anna Cabeca
Hormones, Menopause and the
Keto-Green Way

Marisa Peer
How to Be Physically, Mentally and Emotionally Younger (at any age)

Susan Bratton
Reignite Your
Sexual Passion

Tuesday, October 22nd

Marie Diamond
Become Successful and Manifest

Krisstina Wise
Money Matters More Than Anything

Elena Herdieckerhoff
How to Make Your Sensitivity Your Greatest Asset

Wednesday, October 23rd

Marci Shimoff
How to Be Happy
for No Reason

Karen Salmansohn
How to Live Longer,
Younger & Sexier

Suyogi Gessner
Balanced Hormones and Optimal
Health with Ayurveda

Thursday, October 24th

Natalie Matushenko, HOST
Claim Your Power, Purpose & Legacy

Dr. Judy Hinojosa
Love Your Hormones: Detoxing to Vibrant Health

Elena Bensonoff
Harness Your Inner Healer

Friday, October 25th

Lucia Giovannini
Navigating Change Into a
Whole New Life

Tricia Bennett
It’s Never Too
Late for Love

Christy Whitman
Becoming an
Energy Master

Deborah Murtagh
Why 20% of Women Breeze Through Peri-Menopause While 80% Suffer

October 26th

Andrea Beaman
Stop Suffering Perimenopausal Madness!

Shashi Solluna
Tantra for Extraordinary Sexuality & Relationships

Kay de Rey
How to Manifest More Money

October 27th

Ora Nadrich
Mindfulness for
Authentic Living

Vanessa Codorniu
Embodying your Soul wisdom so you can
soar after 40

Theresa Fowler
Self Love

October 28th

JB Owen
Ignite your Business
Billionaire Style

JB Owen
How to Get Published and
Become a Bestseller

Linda Claire Puig
Courage, Adventure and t
he Lit Up Life

Maria Kellis
Thrive in Life and in Business by
Choosing a Soul Powered Journey

October 29th

Shelly Lefkoe
It’s Never Too Late to
Eliminate Beliefs

Natalie Matushenko, HOST
Uncover Your Money Personality &
Manifest More Abundance

Bonnie Harris
How to Survive & Thrive as
a Parent Over 40

October 30th

Allana Pratt
Vulnerability is the
New Sexy

Alison Armstrong
What’s Happening in Our Bodies
Changes Our Relationships

Mia Moran
Planning Like You’re
Over 40

October 31st

Nina Manolson
End Your War with Food & Make Peace with Your Body

Monique DeBose
Say Everything You Have Never Been Brave Enough to Say

Julie Hannon
Moving from your Head to your Heart: Savoring the Nectar of Life & the Goddess Within

Dr. Judy Gianni
Making Sense of Your
Hormones After 40

November 1st

Dr. Felice Gersh
ABC’s of Hormone Replacement Therapy & How to Keep Your Ovaries Happy and Healthy

Dr. Felice Gersh
Maximize Your Fertility
Over 40

Natalia Levey
Get Healthy Meals on the Table
in Under 30 Minutes

Amy Wall
The Secrets of
Ageless Radiance

November 2nd

Katherine Woodward Thomas
Conscious Uncoupling

Danor Padden
Balancing Hormones with Essential Oils

Nadia Colburn, PhD
Embrace your full story for greater freedom and power

Luba Evans
From Lonely, Frustrated and Hopeless to Magnetic Chemistry, Emotional Closeness and Soulmate Love Within 6 Months

November 3rd

Amy Killen, MD
Regenerative Approaches Sex and Skin

Arielle Ford
Attracting and Keeping the Love You Want

Cindy Santa Ana
Managing Hormone Imbalance Through Your 40’s


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