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Monday, September 21st

Janet Attwood
It’s Not Over
Until It’s Over

Dr. Anna Cabeca
Myths About Sex, Health
and Menopause

Lucia Giovannini
Love Yourself Even More:
How to Thrive Over 40

Marisa Peer
You Are Enough

Tuesday, September 22nd

Sedena Cappannelli
Extraordinary &
Ageless After 40

Marie Diamond
Manifest In Times
Of Uncertainty

Dr. Mindy Pelz
Five Lifestyle Changes
to Balance Your Hormones

Carol Tuttle
Dress Your Energy Type:
The Best Fashion and Beauty Advice for Women Over 40

Wednesday, September 23rd

Susan Bratton
Reignite Your
Sexual Passion

Tricia Nelson
Break Up with Ben & Jerry’s:
How to End Emotional Eating Now

Robin Nielsen
Sleep Your Way
to Hormone Balance

Marci Shimoff
How to Be Happy
for No Reason

Thursday, September 24th

Debra Atkinson
How to Flip 50 with Energy and Vitality
(No Matter When You Start)

Minke de Vos
Tao Tantric Arts
for Sexual Vitality and Self Love

Nancy Levin
Boundary Badassery

Dr. Tracy Thomas
Turning Your Emotional Sensitivity
Into Your Greatest Strength

Friday, September 25th

Tricia Bennett
Love Under
Stress and Crisis

Natalie Matushenko, HOST
Live Your Power,
Passion & Purpose

Deborah Murtagh
Psychology of Weightloss
& How to Transform Your Mindset for Lasting Success

Debra Poneman
A New Paradigm of Success
for Our Changing World

Saturday, September 26th

Angela Foster
Biohacks to Enhance Longevity & Vitality

Jaitara Jayde
The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment

Natalie Matushenko, HOST
Uncover Your Money Personality &
Manifest More Abundance

Sunday, September 27th

Rhonda Britten
Fearless Living
in Difficult Times

Ailsa Frank
Feel Amazing
(No Matter What)

Annette Rugolo
Maximize the Energy
In Your Home

Eram Saeed
Financial Freedom
After 40

Monday, September 28th

Bettina Gordon
Make Your
Age Your Superpower

Krystalya Marie
Self-Love is Key
to Leading an Extraordinary Life!

Dr. Isabell Springer
Bye-bye Heartbreak!
A New Model for Love

Tuesday, September 29th

Dr. Lyndsey Berkson
It’s All
About Hormones

Bonnie Harris
Parenting Teenagers
In Challenging Times

Jodi Law
Embrace Change To Live Your Best Life

Wednesday, September 30th

Patricia Allen
Financial Keys to Transcend
Challenging Times

Mia Moran
Reach Your Biggest Goals
In 90 Days

Rori Raye
Get Everything You Want Using
Your Feminine Energy

Thursday, October 1st

Barbara Dossey
Reinvent Yourself At Any Age

Julie Hannon
Ancient Shamanic Practices For An Extraordinary Life

Elizabeth Robinson
Life Through the Lens of the Soul

Friday, October 2nd

Dr. Kyrin Dunston
Hot and Happy Hormones at the Half Life Mark

Misa Hopkins
Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul

Alison Weihe
Age is Energy,
Not Biology

Saturday, October 3rd

Kim McDonnel
Be the Love
You’ve Been Seeking

Paula Sturm
Gut Health for
Ultimate Hormone Balance

Katherine Woodward Thomas
Calling in the “Next One”: Finding Love After 40

Laura Worley
Healing Trauma
and Thriving

Sunday, October 4th

Laura Davis
Writing as a Tool to Heal the Past, Embrace the Present and Navigate an Uncertain Future

Dr. Jessica Drummond
Brain and Sexual Health
In Perimenopause

Arielle Ford
In Captivity


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