Stop Worrying

with Ailsa Frank

Get this 10 Minute Daily Hypnosis Download to let go of daily worries and anxious feelings.


with Alison Weihe

Learn how to use energy to be a more powerful and effective speaker, leader and teacher.

The Sleep Advantage Masterclass

with Angela Foster

Get this masterclass to learn how to optimize your sleep for enhanced energy, vitality and performance


with Annette Rugolo

Get Annette’s e-book to change the energy of your home for greater happiness and prosperity.

The Love Letters Of Arielle & Brian

with Arielle Ford

From the moment they met, Brian and Arielle began writing each other love letters and sending each other “I love you just because cards.” Over the years they have saved the numerous birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day and mushy emails they sent each other. They have now compiled some of their favorites in this personal, revealing one-of-a-kind e-book. It’s their dream to inspire others to begin writing more love letters!

It's Never Too Late Virtual Summit 2020

with Bettina Gordon-Wayne

Completely shift your perspective on age and receive actionable advice from strong female mavericks from around the world who re-invented themselves in their 40s, 50s, and beyond!

When Your Kids Push Your Buttons

with Bonnie Harris

Are your kids and teens pushing your buttons? Get Bonnie’s decades of experience in her audio book.


with Carol Tuttle

Get $10 off any purchase on her website!

Break Bad Habits

with Deborah Murtagh

Get Deborah’s signature The Science of Emotions and How to Break Habits Course, based on new and radical science around the biochemistry of emotions. Learn how we can use this knowledge to transform our habits, addictions, emotional states and how we feel about ourselves and our lives.


with Debra Atkinson

Get a 20-minute breakthrough call with Debra to break through to your personal optimal fitness.

Aligning With Your Highest Truth

with Debra Poneman

In this powerful video you’ll discover how to:

– Uncover and manifest your soul’s purpose

– Hear the voice of your inner guidance

– Have the courage to trust that inner guidance and take inspired action

– Live aligned with your highest truth at every moment

You will also learn a powerful technique to get in touch with your intuition whenever you desire!


with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Get the Ultimate Woman’s Guide to Feeling Happier and Healthier “Down There”.

The New Model for Love

with Dr. Isabell Springer

Attend a special online screening of Clarity, The New Model for Love. This program is a powerful tool to help you quickly assess partners, make great partner choices and how to become the amazing partner you are searching for.

Outsmart Endometriosis

with Dr. Jessica Drummond

Get a free copy of Jessica’s book, Outsmart Endometriosis.

Meditation for Brilliant Hormone Balance

with Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Get Dr. Kyrin’s soothing 20 minute guided relaxation audio designed to help bring your hormones into balance.

5 Tips for Tending to Your Hormones

with Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Get Dr. Bekerson´s E-Book and discover 5 tips for tending your hormones.

fasting benefits chart

with Dr. Mindy Pelz

Confused how long to fast for which purpose?

Get Dr. Mindy’s chart with information about when the various benefits of fasting kick in.

How emotionally sensitive are you?

with Dr. Tracy Thomas

A free emotional sensitivity assessment and free emotional sensitivity report. This assessment will determine your level and type of emotional sensitivity and how your emotional sensitivity is working for you, as well as how it’s negatively impacting you.

The Deserving & Receiving Process MP3

with Elizabeth Robinson

The Deserving & Receiving Process is a restorative and healing spiritual process. It’s essentially an antidote to any limiting inner beliefs you may hold about being unworthy. It assists to dissolve barriers created by limiting beliefs and raises your energetic frequency, to optimize your ability to receive.

The MP3 includes a 20 minute guided visual and energetic process with inspiring and uplifting musical accompaniment, written by a renowned Australian composer.

Feminine Artistry

with Jaitara Jayde

Get the 3-Part Video Series Power Pack Feminine Artistry: 1. Discover Your Sacred Lover Body Types Quiz & Video. 2. Deep Connection Body Love Journey. 3. Guided Breath for Sexual Creative Life Force Activation.

Plus Bonus $100 Gift Certificate toward: “Activating Aphrodite” – An online life force revival for menopausal women; with Minke de Vos and Jaitara.

Copy of ‘From Sad To Glad’ E-book

with Janet Attwood

Get this e-book to come to a place of peace and make it easier to connect with the ones who are dear to you, during these tumultuous times. “From Sad To Glad” is a fun, easy read that will teach you how to return to joy and happiness, when things are tough.

Mindfulness Audios

with Jodi Law

Get two mindfulness audios: 1. Breathing Space Meditation that can be used everyday to get into your calm right now. 2. Exploring Difficulty’s Meditation to be used when life gets a bit challenging as you create change, and you need to go deeper.

Guided Journey

with Julie Hannon

This guided journey will clear the pathways and connect to infinite possibilities and bring a new frequency into your life to energize your potential NOW.


with Kim McDonnel

Get this breathing meditation which Kim uses to help herself, her anxious 7th grader and her clients to retrain the nervous system to go from on guard to in charge. Practicing this breath work twice a day for 2 weeks can completely change your reaction to what used to cause you stress. 

Secrets to Attracting More Love Audio Program

with Krystalya Marie

Get these breakthrough secrets for creating more loving relationships ~ Learn how your body’s energy affects every person you meet, either positively or negatively. Discover a One-Minute Energy Tune-up that can help you create more positive experiences in your relationships and help you to attract more loving people into your life.

Guided Meditation

with Laura Davis

Relax and let Laura Davis lead you on a guided meditation to receive a special gift that will aid you in your healing journey and support you through the vicissitudes of life.

Learning how to release trauma masterclass

with Laura Worley
You will learn:
  • How the unconscious mind and body work together.
  • Why it is important to release trauma out of the unconscious mind.
  • That it is possible to release any trauma no matter what it is.
  • What happens if you don’t release traumatic events.
  • How childhood trauma affects our relationships, health, work, finances, etc.
  • A simple technique to release stress from your life and trauma.

5-day SELF-LOVE REVOLUTION challenge

with Lucia Giovannini

Get Lucia´s 5-day SELF-LOVE REVOLUTION challenge to get easy, practical steps that cultivate an authentic self-love, learn how to let go of guilt and practice self care.

5 steps to let go of all your old judgements

with Marie Diamond

Get Marie’s mini-course with her proven outline of how to find your true path. The 5 steps to let go of all your old judgements and to be open to your future of change and impact in the world.

I Am Enough Masterclass

with Marisa Peer

Gain complete confidence in yourself, and your ability and power to shape your life and your world with ‘I Am Enough’ my FREE 90-minute online masterclass.

Your dream life is closer than you think.

90-Day Toolkit

with Mia Moran

Your 90-Day Toolkit Thrive one 90-day season at a time. Plan for your biggest dreams, and learn a system that will help you reach them without sacrificing balance and ease. You get our Retreat-in-a-Box and 90 Days of Planning Sheets so that you have the tools you need to cast a vision, break it down, and get it done in record time.

Guided Meditation Practices to Increase energy & sexual vitality

with Minke de Vos

Get the guided Meditation Practices to Increase energy & sexual vitality and cultivate self love. 120 minutes of graceful guidance and flowing music including: Comforting Sexual Self-Care, Breast Massage, Genital Dance, Jade Egg Exercise, Healing Love Basics, Orgasmic Upward Draw, Creative Energy Channel Flows, How to Ground Emotions & Energy.

Healing and Awakening in the Sacred Feminine

with Misa Hopkins

Get the Holding Meditation for Healing and Awakening in the Sacred Feminine. Plus daily Prescriptions from Heaven inspirational e-cards, and invitations to ceremonies and special events.

The New Building Blocks for Your Liberated Life!

with Nancy Levin

How many times have you said “If only I had a manual to help me get the life I truly want!”… Get Your Updated Operating Manual: The New Building Blocks for Your Liberated Life!


with Natalie Matushenko

Want to feel truly alive? To live your passions and your true purpose? Get Natalie’s eBook, 7 Steps to Living your Passion & Purpose, and learn how to uncover your passions and turn your dreams into reality.

3 Keys To Transcend Challenging Times and Document Locator Worksheet

with Patricia Allen

Get Lessons From The Eye Of The Storm to have your mind and heart free from worry about the what-ifs of life. Build your financial storm shelter with 3 ways to protect and preserve your assets and income from unforeseen events that affect your financial future. Learn how you can turn your “what if” financial concerns into a strength by arming yourself with the right financial protections. Also, receive a worksheet where you can track all of your important documents.

Leptin Resistance Guide

with Paula Sturm

Learn all about Leptin Resistance and ways to reverse it for optimal health.


with Rhonda Britten

Get one of Rhonda’s all-time most powerful two hour audio program. Learn what your needs actually are and how to get them met giving you an immediate increase in self-confidence, self-love and self-respect.

You Are The Original Siren Free guide

with Rori Raye

Learn the 3 DESIRES that will reclaim your siren power AND bring you what you WANT!


with Sedena Cappannelli

Get this 2-minute grounding breath video and the Ageless Self Skills E-book to find resilience, peace, passion, love, balance, self-care and confidence in these uncertain times and thrive, regardless of age. 

Rev Up Your Intimate Life

with Susan Bratton

Get Susan’s Sexual Soulmate Pact eBook to rev up your intimate life with your partner.

Mastering Online Dating Webinar & Journal

with Tricia Bennett

Begin your journey to confident, comfortable online dating for women over 40 with Tricia’s 90-minute webinar plus accompanying journal.

Are You an Emotional Eater?

with Tricia Nelson

Get Tricia´s Free Quiz: Are You an Emotional Eater or a Food Addict? Take the QUIZ and get your personalized score!