Happy for No Reason Workbook

by Marci Shimoff

When you follow the practices in Happy for No Reason you’ll increase your capacity to experience greater happiness for yourself, for others, and for life. Included in this Happy for No Reason Workbook are the:

  • 21 Ways to Raise Your Happiness Set-Point
  • The Happy for No Reason Questionnaire
  • Happiness Quotes from Happy for No Reason

I Am Enough Meditation

with Marisa Peer

There are only 3 things that separate success and failure: what you think, what you believe, what you do.

Rewire your thinking for ultimate success.


with Marie Diamond

This daily visualization will support you in creating higher energy in your life so you can attract more love, support and effortless abundance.


by Dr. Anna Cabeca

Find out why your body is falling apart. This eye-opening ebook reveals:

  • The 4 hormones that decide your fate as you get older
  • Why you don’t have to accept your yucky symptoms as “the new normal”
  • 4 steps you can take to get slimmer, saner, and sexier… at any age!

Meditation on Love

with Janet Attwood

21 daily lessons to increase love for yourself and the world. Experience the powerfully transformational energy of Janet’s beautiful meditations and continue to shift your experience of love.

And E-book “I Want for You What You Want for You.”

Calling in "The One" Starter Kit

with Katherine Woodward Thomas

This simple Starter Kit will support you as you begin to see how your disappointing patterns in love have been happening through you rather than just to you—and also begin to awaken your power to create an unprecedented future of happiness in love.

It includes:

  • A 75-minute audio seminar – 4 Keys to Release Your Baggage, Blocks and Barriers to Love & Consciously “Call In” Your Soul Partner
  • Excerpts from the National Bestselling book, Calling in “The One” – which includes Week One, Lessons 1-7 of the 49-day process
  • A Calling in “The One” Visioning Meditation that you can work with daily to help clarify your desires and make you magnetic to their fulfillment.
  • A podcast interview – where Katherine explain exactly how to start shifting your core “love identity” beliefs and awaken your power to radically transform your love life for the better.

Top 10 Hormone Deal-Breakers

with Robin Nielsen

Learn Robin’s Top 10 Hormone Deal-Breakers so you can take charge of your health and grow younger no matter what your age.


with Natalie Matushenko

Take a 10-minute quiz to uncover your money personality and then take this masterclass to uncover your strengths and weaknesses with money, your Sacred Money Contract and how to generate more abundance based on your unique money personality.

Beginner Guide to Style

with Carol Tuttle

Get Carol’s guide to give you confidence and know-how to create a style true to your personality.

7 Steps to Living Your Purpose Masterclass

with Natalie Matushenko

Learn the 7 simple steps to uncover your passions and live your purpose for greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Quick- Start Guide: Ketobiotic for Women

with Dr. Mindy Pelz

Quick- Start guide: Ketobiotic for Women.

Video to release stressful emotions

with Laura Worley

Learn how to release stressful emotions by using a modality called tapping. You will love how easy it is to change negative emotions.

The 5 Secrets to a Life of True Success EBook

with Debra Poneman

For over 40 years Debra has taught the formula for creating a successful life to tens of thousands around the world. In this powerful ebook she distills the 5 essential keys to having both inner silence and outer abundance.

10 Easy Abundance Activation Strategies

with Eram Saeed

The 10 Easy Abundance Activation Strategies Checklist will transform your life, help you eliminate blocks, and reduce stress.

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