Wow! Talk about inspiring – this summit was amazing! So many exceptional and intelligent women leading the world in their areas of expertise. So much information and generous insights into living your life to the fullest. Thank you so much Natalie for hosting this incredible movement – loved it!!

- Donna x

This is a wonderful summit and I highly recommend it for all women, starting in their 30’s. As someone who was ill prepared for life in and after 40 (I’m 46), this has been a Godsend. One of the speakers said as women we need to support one another and be allies instead of competitors. This summit is life giving and I believe quite literally life saving for many women struggling needlessly during the latter half of life. Thank you, Natalie!

- Susan Kaiser

This Summit has been one of the most insightful things I have ever participated in a concentrated event of feminine wisdom! I have learnt more in this summit than in the previous 41 years of my life. I hope you can keep this page stored somewhere so that we can access all these wise women’s websites, Facebook Pages etc. At any time, as well as the Free Gifts Page, which I haven’t had the time to access yet but I’m definitely going to in the next few days. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into creating this wonderful summit for women.

- Evangelia Dimitrakaki

In all of the interviews, Natalie touched on essential points of each woman’s expertise and ideas. The interviews revealed and discussed some profound ideas that opened my mind to new concepts and ways of being. I did not expect to be so inspired by the speakers, once I started listening, I found myself pausing the interviews and making notes throughout each one!

The women were soulful, genuine, and had great energy with you, in most cases I could just FEEL the mutual admiration flowing between interviewer and interviewee.

It was also beautiful to realise how much the women’s ideas overlapped each other in their essence – ideas regarding the ego, feminine energy, self-awareness, community, intention, and living with purpose.

I think you did an incredible job with this summit, it was really wonderful. Thank you!

- Sophie Kaye

This summit is exactly what I was looking for. I’m in my mid 40’s and have been feeling the changes of mid-life and perimenopause. I had been starting to feel the “midlife crisis” feeling that you hear about when you’re younger. Thinking that will never happen to me. Well, guess what? it happens to everyone. With the support of Natalie and the women involved in this summit I’ve been realizing the gifts of midlife and that this transformation can be a crisis or it can be a time to welcome in more awareness and more consciousness of how amazing it is to be a woman owning this time of her life where she is truly ripening into her greatest potential. All the women involved in this summit have so much wisdom to offer and they offer it so lovingly and supportively. I am ready to make my midlife extraordinary!

- C. Asch

I feel like I’m at a women’s party. But only with interesting and smart women. There is a lot of information, some of it is surprising, another part leads me to further thoughts or experiments.The most valuable is the understanding that good is yet to come. I heard it. I saw it in the eyes of the lecturers. I felt it.


The information regarding hormonal balancing was so helpful and also contained much I did not know. I had instant results with the advice from the Ayurvedic speaker with my hot flashes. Thank you

- Karan

Life truly begins after 40. All the talks by the guests are testimonial to that. This event is so filled with wisdom, calming advice, humor and life stories that we can relate to. Such wonderful, amazing women – thank you for the opportunity to be part of this event!

- Emilia Errera

This was such an informative, fun, easy to consume summit with so much content – presenters were brave, informative, open, sharing and generous – I wish I had known earlier and I would have shared with so many more people.

- Jennifer Rutherford, NZ

Excellent resource for midlife women, it helped me to expand my personal world. I shared it with my friends who are also asking similar questions. Thank you for all the meaningful female blessings.

- Rose

Thank you for all the great/interesting information. The tips are amazing. The knowledge we’re gaining is priceless! Then we can follow the trusted expert that resonates with us, that you’ve brought forward for us!

-Sonia Yarmuch

I feel really grateful for having come across the Extraordinary Life After 40 summit. I’ve learnt lots of tips to stay full of life in this stage of my life. Now, I feel the responsibility to start putting everything into practice. Thank you!!

-Carme Ribas

I would recommend this summit to anyone who is willing to improve on herself, and curious enough to find out how to live a full life. At 58, feeling 25!

– Anna

Amazing what this summit stirred up for me…being a soul and purpose searcher and understanding why we are here as women on planets Earth, this summit really got to me big time. All talks were so interesting… definitely recommended for all women of over 40.

- Yamilé 48, years Amsterdam (Holland)

So much to learn from this conference. Great idea to target women above 40 as content is fully relevant.

- Francesca Ciaudano

The wonderful ladies who are sharing their experiences to make everyone’s life better. The info is priceless. Thank you, Natalie.

- Richa

Thank you so much for this event. I have received a lot from all of you. Thoughts, feelings, techniques and the most important, hope and enthusiasm for my future decades! It was amazing to see those women above 40 with so much energy, self-love, radiating beauty and the eagerness to give love to all other woman.

- Gabriella

I can highly recommend this summit for all women over 40. It’s packed with useful information and great inspiration. I learned a lot and was very inspired. Thank you!

- Barbara

I really appreciate the initiative. I have learned something “in advance” that I would not have searched for unless I had a problem. But now I can start to do something to prevent getting some of the age-related issues (I am 43).

- Valentina Albæk

This summit run by Natalie was a week of listening to knowledgeable, passionate, inspiring women. It brought so much love and joy to me at this sometimes turbulent time in a woman’s life. Thank you so much Natalie and all speakers!

- Kali

Natalie is an amazing summit host as she asks the questions we all want to know the answers to. She speaks from her heart of service to others and shows compassion to the speaker and her audience.

-Kim McDonnel

The Extraordinary Life after 40 Summit was well worth the time and investment in my self-care and personal development. The many bonus offers allow you to pick and choose any extras that fit your needs.

- Janie Jurkovich

Wow! Such a beautiful collection of powerful feminine teachers and healers! There’s something in here for every woman in her 30s and beyond… including things we might not know to ask or tell our health care providers and others we may just have needed this kind of massive support and encouragement to do for ourselves. Thank you, Natalie, from the bottom of my heart!

- Rene C.