Planning Like You’re Over 40

with Mia Moran

What You’ll Learn From This Interview:


Why the old way of planning and traditional calendars don’t work for us


Why planning for all area of our life — food, lifestyle, family, spirituality and work — in one place is super important for this phase of life


How to take personal responsibility for what we plan

About Mia

Mia Moran is a mom of three, bestselling author, creator of the FLOW Planner, and speaker, who makes time to eat right—and shows time-strapped families how they can too. She is creating a movement of moms who bypass busy and embrace healthy through small, doable changes.

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Discover 5 simple practices currently missing in your life that will immediately make you feel less like a master juggler and more like the calm, kind woman that you are.

This is for you if you have a legacy that you want to leave, but ALL your time is spent making money, raising children, cooking food, being a good partner, and driving everywhere.

Mia’s promises:

⦁ You will learn how to get more done, in a way that makes more time for self care.

⦁ You will see how food and productivity go hand and hand, and how an easy food fix can buy you time to do even more.

⦁ You will learn a framework for implementing what you learned on this summit into your own life

⦁ You will leave this class with a plan.


Hi, I’m Natalie!

I’m an expert in helping you find your purpose, create abundance and turn your passions into a lifestyle. I’m a certified leadership and co-active coach, writer, transformational teacher, Ivy League University and top business school graduate and adventurer. Over the past nearly twenty years, I have helped thousands of soulful go-getters – entrepreneurs, Fortune 100 executives, not-for-profit leaders and in the top echelons of government – make a huge impact in the world while taking radically good care of themselves and creating lives they love.

I created my extraordinary life and believe that anybody can do it! I left a high-flying career in international development to pursue my own version of success. I’ve lived in five countries, studied extensively with healers and shamans around the world and have traveled to over 60 countries.

I speak English, Spanish and Russian fluently and can get by in French. I currently live in Colombia, South America and spend about 4 months a year in the United States and traveling the world with my husband and three daughters. I’m passionate about learning from different cultures, creating community, being in nature and creative expression. I also volunteer with several organizations that focus on the empowerment of women.

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