Myths about Sex,

Health and Menopause

with Dr. Anna Cabeca

What You’ll Learn From This Interview:


The myths we are told about menopause


How hormones and mental health are related


What causes hormonal shifts and imbalances


What are some ways to correct hormonal imbalances


What is keto green


Which area is prime real estate in your body and how to keep it in top condition


The role of cortisol in stress, blood sugar and fat storage

About Dr. Anna

Dr. Anna Cabeca is an internationally-acclaimed menopause and sexual health expert, global speaker and pioneering promoter of women’s health. She is Emory University-trained and triple board-certified in gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine and anti-aging and regenerative medicine, and an USA Today and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of “The Hormone Fix,” a diet and holistic lifestyle program for menopausal women.

Also noteworthy, is her Keto-Green™ diet and lifestyle that focuses on ketogenic eating paired with an alkaline diet and intermittent fasting. Her Keto-Green way naturally manages your body’s most important hormones, and if followed properly, will help address and correct the symptoms and side effects that come along with imbalanced hormones. Her new book Keto-Green™ 16 releases May 5th.

Dr. Anna is known as The Girlfriend Doctor helping women combat negative hormone-related symptoms and implement natural and easy-to-follow solutions that will have them feeling happier, healthier and confident. Dr. Anna created the successful and popular alkaline superfoods drink Mighty Maca® PLUS, and a top-selling, rejuvenating feminine vulvar cream for women, Julva®. In her spare time, Dr. Cabeca hosts the highly-regarded series “The Girlfriend Doctor Podcast” featuring compelling podcasts focused on a wide variety of important health and wellness topics.

Dr. Anna’s compelling story is inspired by her own life experiences; she went through menopause twice – the first time at 39 after suffering a tragedy of losing a toddler, and then again at 50 years old. She was actually able to reverse her own early menopause at 39 (and the probability of doing this is about 1%!), and went on to conceive a beautiful daughter.

She was named “2018 Innovator of the Year” by Mindshare, the #1 conference for health and wellness influencers, and was also honored with the prestigious 2017 Alan P. Mintz award, presented annually by the Age Management Medicine Group to the most outstanding physician who displays clinical excellence and entrepreneurship. Her blog was named one of the Top 50 Menopause Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2019 by Feedspot.

Dr. Cabeca has reached hundreds of thousands of women around the globe, inspiring them to reclaim their optimal health and realize they can journey through menopause and find more purpose and pleasure than they ever dreamed possible. She balances her passion for women’s health with faith, grace and skill, while raising her four daughters, and leading the non-profit foundation she created in honor of her son, Garrett V. Bivens, who tragically died as a toddler.

Dr. Cabeca infuses her presentations with humor, raw connection and passion, and she impacts lives each and every day.





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